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Not too long ago, we were unable to process a table of 3000 lines and 300 columns. The appearance and development of computers suddenly lifted this computational obstacle, and allowed the conservation and exploitation of very large amounts of data. This continuous improvement of the computer has greatly contributed to the development and the spread of many statistical methods, which have become quite common nowadays. Today, massive survey data are analyzed and provide large tables that can be easily tointerpreted. Data from specific investigations are collected and constitute a large and apparently unclear mass of information, but which can now be processed without difficulty.


Businesses that use data are much more productive. In the modern world, the winners will be those who offer immediate access to reliable information to their employees, partners and customers. But in order to win, you do not just answer questions, understand your business, and seize opportunities before your competitors. Every decision made must create value and a return on investment.

Being able to reason, plan, anticipate and quickly solve problems from a wide variety of data will open new opportunities and allow you to define new methods and approaches. But to get such skills, based on knowledge and innovation, you need to focus on three areas:

  • Modern Data Platforms: Traditional data storage systems cannot allow you to easily analyze large volumes and diversity of information.
  • Operational BI systems: Get fast, reliable, factual, interactive and user-friendly information.
  • Advanced and strategic analysis: Use the data to deepen your understanding of your customers and their environment.

Whatever your sector of activity, thanks to the solutions that we will provide to you, you would be able to easily get business reports to follow the KPI Analytics of your activity. From preconfigured report templates to advanced data mining capabilities, including segmentation, you will be able to use intuitive and customizable interfaces that best suit your profile and needs.

With a strategic approach to analytics, Perfitcom offers solutions that unlock the potential of your data. You will get new insights, bridge the gap between analysis and results, and you'll be able to combine the power of Big Data and analytics to be effective.

For your stores and warehouses, you need technological solutions that are designed to increase your turnover; solutions that extend marketing initiatives to the consumer smartphone, integrate e-commerce, provide greater mobility and data visibility, and improve the customer experience.

If you are currently facing one of these challenges, we can help you rethink your processes.

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