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Process automation today is more important than ever, mass customization becomes possible at the cost of mass production.

Smart devices connect to the internet themselves. Connected devices have electronic chips that allow them to connect to each other. They create data and they react according to the parameters that the users have put on the spot.

In the coming days, every device you own and almost every object that exists would be connected to the internet. Your refrigerator, your fire alarm, your doorbell, your deodorant are already connected. The next items will be the clothes, the traffic lights, the pedestrian crossing controls, all the services of a factory and even your house windows will all be connected. This flow of information will make you healthier, make your trip to the office shorter, and all procedures more efficient.

We find applications related to the Internet of things in a multitude of sectors of activity such as:

  • Cars: When they are related to the Internet of Things, cars transform data into actions, both inside the car and around the world. There will be fewer accidents, more mobility and smoother traffic.
  • Energy: Thanks to the Internet of Things, energy network devices can share information in real time to distribute and better manage energy.
  • Health: Thanks to clinical accessories like tablets or sophisticated surgical equipment, the Internet of Things is transforming health.
  • Intelligent factories: IoT technology now allows factories to maximize operational efficiency, optimize production, and increase worker safety.
  • Business: For merchants, IoT offers unlimited opportunities to increase the efficiency of the supply chain, develop new services and reorganize the consumer experience.
  • Intelligent Buildings: IoT provides solutions to increase energy costs, sustainable development while connecting, managing, and securing devices that collect data from systems.
  • Smart homes: IoT technology makes the dream of a secure smart home possible, for example with a voice recognition system to know who is at the door. You can also connect a mailbox that will notify you when you have received a package.
  • Smart plants: your plants installed with an electronic chip in the earth will be able to communicate and post on twitter for example. The plant may complain if it does not have enough water and will send information all day and every day of the week. For example, the plant in the office will contact you when you are away. It will give you the temperature in the office, the condition of the light (for example if you forgot to turn off the light). You will have no excuse if your plant dies, because it will have warned you of its condition.
  • Intelligent transport: IoT can save lives, reduce traffic and minimize the impact of the vehicle on the environment, not only by connecting autonomous cars t, but also by making intelligent transport and logistics systems. Connected bikes will also tell you when they were stolen and where they are with a map so you can pick them up.

Smart devices enable connection, data collection, and visibility on issues such as cost reduction, productivity improvement, and revenue growth. IoT is a way to personalize marketing like you've never done before. Connected devices create data and give a statement at a given time (several times a day) but it also helps with predictive information. If we go back to the example of connected plants, we will be able to see, either in the last month or in the last three months, the history of the causes of the lack of water, and we can anticipate to make sure that it does not happen again.

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