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To achieve the desired business results with a CRM solution, an SAP Business One expert is the best choice for your customer engagement. You will benefit from greater adoption and greater commercial success thanks to our implementation and customization services.


We will start with an initial launch session which covers the following:

  • Identification of the sections of the solution that should be removed to simplify the user interface;
  • Configure a data model: adapt the current fields and add new fields for future reporting needs and the different professions that can be supported;
  • Adapt the CRM solution so that it can align with the company's activities;
  • Training needs;
  • Data import requirements.

Following this initial session, we will prepare a report that will serve as the basis for drawing up the project contract.

Our offer includes :

  • The implementation of SAP Business One following the methodology shown in the image:
  • Support services to ensure the success of your investment.
  • Each implementation must require specifications as is customary in the CRM & ERP market to start the project.

Contact our functional IT consultant to find out how we can help you.



  • What modules are covered by SAP Business one? The modules supported by SAP Business One are:
    • Accounting and financial management
    • Sales administration
    • Purchases
    • Stocks and Logistics
    • MRP Production and Planning
    • Customer service
    • Trade
    • Management, Reporting and decision support (business intelligence)
  • What are the benefits of using SAP Business One? The immediate benefits are:
    • Improvements in the company's competitiveness
    • Improving the relationship with all of the company's stakeholders: customer, supplier, employees
    • Improving Supply Chain Management
    • Increased customer satisfaction and customer retention
    • Improving the efficiency and performance of the company
    • Improving traceability
    • Reduced technology costs
  • Can SAP adapt to the specific needs of my business?
    • The SAP Business One solution has several vertical solutions that meet the specific needs of different trades. You will have the tools necessary for better management of your business, whether industrial or services.
  • What type of business is SAP Business One designed to support?
    • SAP Business One is specially designed for small and medium businesses that have outgrown their accounting software or spreadsheets and / or who may need to replace several non-integrated applications. SAP Business One is also designed for subsidiaries of large companies.
  • What is the main difference between ERP and accounting software?
    • Accounting software packages manage only the individual business function of accounting, while an ERP application manages all of the business functions of an organization, including finance, human resources, sales, marketing, logistics, etc.

Contact our functional IT consultant to find out how we can help you.