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About Docuware

Docuware offers Electronic Document Management, Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Automation solutions, accessible anywhere, anytime

DocuWare, a solid value. A long-standing provider of electronic document management (EDM), enterprise content management (ECM) and workflow solutions (EDM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Workflow solutions, DocuWare offers solutions for all organizations looking to transform their transformation solutions. Able to address all industries, DocuWare is the cornerstone of all for all your digital transformation projects. With a comprehensive, yet user-friendly and user-friendly and customizable interface, the DocuWare solution allows for rapid adoption by your employees. As an open platform, DocuWare allows the integration of third-party solutions: electronic signatures, paperless pay slips, business management tools, etc.

Take it one step at a time!


Digitalization of Processes

  • - Elimination of paper and lower costs (paper, printing, third-party archiving, etc.)
  • - Simple sharing and searching of files

Document Management

  • - Intelligent indexing and quick search
  • - Document Security
  • - Processing and accessing documents from mobile devices
  • - Management of the archive
  • - Integration with CRM and ERP software, and other applications

Process Automation

  • - From business rules
  • - Customizable and scalable
  • - Service improvement Customer
  • - Immediate access to information to respond to to respond to unforeseen events and anomalies
  • - Simple file sharing and searching

Activity management

Dynamic dashboards to control

  • Your document base
  • Your daily activity and that of your collaborators.
  • The optimization of your processes.


  • Gain in operational efficiency
  • Facilitate access to essential information
  • The optimization of your processes.

PERFITCOM's added value: reference integrator of DocuWare in Cameroon.

Certified Partnership guaranties :

  • Advanced technical and commercial skills
  • A total knowledge of the functionalities and methods (project management and contracting)
  • a privileged relationship with the editor in order to always have the most efficient solution

Electronic Document Management

It is a global computerized system of hierarchization, appropriation, storage and archiving of files. It can be useful when a company has to digitize a large number of paper documents.

  • Manage your document base
  • Make it easy to find documents and information
  • Centralize and secure archiving
  • Develop collaboration and information sharing, while ensuring confidentiality of access
  • Reduce silos between services

Dematerialization of business processes

The dematerialization of a process means modeling the entire life cycle of the electronic document with its changes of state, its actors, its alerts, etc. The digitization of your business processes is an integral part of an Open Source Electronic Document Management.

  • Easily model and create workflows
  • Automate redundant and tedious tasks
  • Save time
  • Bring comfort to your employees
  • Refocus your employees on value-added tasks

Specific answers to business challenges


Dematerialize your invoices. Automate document entry and validation.

Human Resources

Speed up your recruitment processes. Manage personal documents in a simple and secure way. Improve the onboarding of new employees.

Commerce / Marketing

Share information quickly, from any device. Provide unique and reliable information.

Production / Quality

Obtain a compliant document base. Integrate the solution with your business tools and automate your business processes.