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Provide the seamless and secure access your employees deserve

Today, employees need access from anywhere and on any device to data hosted in the cloud and on-premises. However, protecting against cyberattacks while remaining productive requires striking the right balance between security and convenience. Digital identity management solutions provide that balance with tailored security designed to be visible when you need it, and invisible when you don't.

how companies benefit from a modern identity platform


Quickly connect anyone to any application on any device, regardless of location.


Eliminates friction when logging in and provides convenient password-free authentication.


Reduces the number of help desk calls, development costs and ongoing maintenance efforts.


Eliminate passwords and structure your security around the principles of Zero Trust.


Optimizes scaling, configuration and control requirements with a hybrid deployment model.

Modern Identity Management for the Digital Enterprise

Single Sign-on

Single sign-on (SSO) provides employees with a single set of credentials to access all on-premises, cloud and SaaS applications. It eliminates password challenges such as reusing passwords or writing them down on paper, while reducing password reset requests

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) secures access by verifying that employees are who they say they are. Appropriate policies determine the type and frequency of authentication required based on user, endpoint and resource risks

Access security

Access security ensures that only authorized users can access sensitive resources. User attributes and authentication levels, among other things, determine the URLs and HTTP methods available to users accessing web applications and APIs.

Data Governance Directory

Directories centralize and secure employee credentials and attributes by encrypting them at all stages, and have client login policies to ensure quick access to important applications. Data governance ensures that only the right employees and partners have access to customer data, if any

API Cybersecurity

API Cybersecurity uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically detect APIs, as well as automatically detect and block threats. It also provides high visibility into API traffic and reporting to improve your organization's security posture

Secure access with an authentication authority

The number of applications used by employees has been growing for years. At the same time, the risk of having credentials compromised has also increased as password reuse by employees remains common. An SSO and MFA-based authentication authority provides the tools you need to protect against credential theft while improving productivity across your organization.


We make it easy with the ability to extend any user to any application and add MFA to web applications, VPN, SSH, RDP, desktop connections, and more as needed.


Our smart identity platform uses artificial intelligence, user and device data, and integrations with risk and fraud signals to strike a balance between protection and convenience for employees.

Forget about passwords

Employees will have no more passwords to reuse or forget. No more passwords for hackers to steal. Switch to passwordless authentication and allow your employees to log in with a username and convenient options like push notifications, Windows Hello, Yubikeys and more.

Migrate faster to the cloud

It's important to deploy identity services as and where you need them to support your hybrid and multi-cloud environments. We connect users to all the on-premises, cloud-hosted and SaaS applications they need while allowing you to structure and deploy identity services to meet your unique business needs.

Open your data and APIs to commercial activities

Enterprises deploy thousands of APIs on their networks every year. Today, the data and services provided by APIs are critical to doing business, and a multi-layered approach is needed to protect them, which includes API access management, strict data access authorization, and cyber security powered by artificial intelligence to detect anomalous behavior.

Why choose PERFITCOM?

With over 3 years of experience in the market, PERFITCOM is your partner in developing and deploying industry solutions based on Microsoft technology. Our expertise combined with our know-how in innovation and disruptive technologies allows us to offer services and business solutions that meet the requirements of your market, while ensuring a sustainable competitive advantage for your company.