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Data entry in the medical sector ensuresquality of care, safe administration of medication and enhances security for patients and caregivers. Constant collaboration and coordination among your organization's staff is essential to the delivery of patient care. This is also true for a barcode-based patient identification system that supports your efforts to make the safety of your patients a top priority.

We offer identification solutions for:

  • Patient identification: prevent identification related issues and reduce the risk of medical errors through patient identity management.
  • Collection of samples: Identify, manage and ensure the traceability of all samples to improve patient safety.
  • Barcoded Drug Delivery: Accurate drug delivery is ensured by the barcode reading of drugs.
  • Laboratory management: Label and precisely identify each sample for effective traceability and optimal patient safety.
  • Pharmacy Management: Control every phase in the management of medicines from inventory to drug delivery, including compliance monitoring.

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