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Production industry


Nous proposons aux industries de production des solutions leur permettant d’augmenter la productivité de leurs opérations de fabrications et de moderniser leur chaîne de production avec des applications telles que l’emballage de fin de ligne, le palettiseur, les entrepôts automatisés pour palettes et caisses entre autres

Distribution and Wholesale Trade


Growth made simple with SAP Business One !!! You have big goals for your SME. You want to develop and reach more customers. You need to optimize your cash flow in order to be able to enter new markets on a national or international scale. See how SAP Business One can help you grow easily.

Production industry

Cloud Solutions

Perfitcom works closely with companies to help them identify their IT strategy and associated action plan to enable them to meet their current and future challenges. Today's pressures as well as numerous technological disruptions impact all executives, but also present IT opportunities to offer a more agile and efficient strategy allowing companies to improve their performance.