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Cloud computing is the provision of IT services (including servers, storage, databases, network management, software, analytics, artificial intelligence) via the Internet (the cloud) for the purpose of offering faster innovation, flexible resources and economies of scale. Typically, you only pay for the cloud services you use (reducing your operating costs), manage your infrastructure more efficiently, and adapt the scale of services to meet the needs of your business. In other words, thanks to the cloud, your company can use IT resources without owning them.


Before, in order to store and watch your digital photos, you needed:

Being able to quickly reason, plan, predict and solve problems from very diverse data will open you to new opportunities and allow you to define new methods and approaches. However, in order to get such skills based on knowledge and innovation, you need to focus on these three areas:

  • A computer,
  • And a hard drive with bigstorage capacity.


  • If your computer goes down: you can not see them anymore
  • If your hard drive crashes: you lose all your photos
  • Your hard drive must have enough capacity to store everything, because if you run out of space, you will have to buy a new hard drive or a new computer.
  • You can view photos only on Yourcomputer (unless you have shared the folders containing the photos).


With the cloud, we use a storage service: a device connected to the Internet (tablet, computer, TV, smartphone, etc...) is enough to view your photos.


  • The photos are not stored at home, they are on computers that are secured and backed up: you can not lose them.
  • You rent the necessary disk space. When you have need more space, you pay for bigger storage.
  • You are exposed to losing your photos because of a hardware problem (hard drive failure). It is the manages the hardware.
  • You can access it from anywhere and with any device
Solutions Cloud

Whether you choose IaaS, PaaS or SaaS, Cloud is a strategic development element for the digital transformation of your business. Whether you need to reduce costs, drive innovation, or streamline processes, Cloud technology helps you focus on your core business.

We support you in the implementation of your cloud infrastructure. In addition, our customers can access SaaS applications directly from their web browser. No additional hardware or software is needed; thus companies have more time to devote to their core business while reducing their costs. These solutions are available for all businesses.

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For your stores and warehouses, you need technological solutions that are designed to increase your turnover; solutions that extend marketing initiatives to the consumer smartphone, integrate e-commerce, provide greater mobility and data visibility, and improve the customer experience.

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