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PERCOM TRACK & TRACE PRODUCT: Master from start to finish the traceability of your products

You want to optimize the operation of your supply chain and your information flows in the company in order to save you in productivity and competitiveness? Perfitcom offers traceability solutions, reading, labeling and turnkey labeling based on barcode technology.

Our PERCOM Track & Trace solution was designed for many applications such as:

  • Logistics flows: reception, inventory, stock transfer, location management, ...

  • Order preparation

  • Shipment control

  • Product identification

  • Proof of delivery / Proof of removal

  • ...

PERCOM Track & Trace also allows us to support you in all your mobility and traceability projects based on technologies barcode: 1D, 2D, QR Code.

You want to be able to identify your products without suffering the consequences of a lack of consumables, a hardware malfunction or a solution incompatible with our terms of use? We support you in the implementation of a solution adapted to your needs: order, supply and inventory management, outsourcing of consumables and materials.


DS4600 Scanner Line Offers Versatility And Reading Performance ideal for increasing productivity and reducing queues throughout the store. Wired scanners in this range allow sellers to read item data of all sizes and to capture barcodes in virtually any condition, faster than any scanner in its class. There is a DS4600 model for each store operation. Bulky items in a cart, customer's driving license at the returns counter, mobile coupon at checkout, tiny barcodes in the jewelry department, scanners of the DS4600 range capture all data. They also accompany sustainable design, a wide range of productivity-enhancing innovations and unparalleled tools that make daily activation and management easier than ever. DS4600 range of scanners: always more advantages. Greater versatility in data capture, extended reach, more innovations

The QLn420 ™ printer makes the user and processes more efficient, with a more accessible interface and commands, faster printing and processing speed, more memory and productive time.

With its optional WLAN 802.11a / b / g / n connection certified Wi-Fi®, the QLn420 printer can be easily and quickly integrated into existing network and printer environments and can be easily managed with software Zebra ™ and third parties. A Bluetooth® connection with a portable terminal is also available for environments without WLAN or when it is preferable to reduce the number of devices on a network. It is also possible to support Bluetooth and WLAN connections on the same printer when printers connect and leave a WLAN environment.

With its solid construction, its robust communication options and its range of accessories (practical charger and forklift station), the QLn420 printer is ideal for printing labels from 51 to 104 mm on site in many applications warehouse. (1,112)