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Develop customer relationship to stand out among your competitors and benefit from an excellent competitive advantage

Digitalization, an undeniable assetfor the performance of your purchasing department.

For a company to be successful, it is essential to adequately manageits customer relationship. For every business, the customer is seen as a potential turnover. It is thus necessary to stand out from the competition, while responding in the best possible way, to the expectations of the market and more specifically to those of the customers.

Product returns, claims processing and repairs in the shop or on site at the customer’s require effective management of interventions. This contributes to customer satisfaction while ensuring a good increase in turnover. But you cannot take advantage of this potential if your in-house customer relationship managers continue to work on a spreadsheet or if your on-site technicians are forced to record the information manually.

Perfitcom helps you connect each customer relationship process seamlessly. This creates a smooth and streamlined process from accepting returns to processing. Dispatchers have a completely transparent view of all technicians and orders, while the on-site service team can capture data quickly and easily on a mobile app.

From service orders to transaction planning and expense reimbursement, our experts cover all your needs

Some features of the solution:

  • Effectively assign technicians and optimize the planning of interventions: Coordinate the expertise of your technicians with the agenda and the needs of your customers.
  • Identify and eliminate bottlenecks: Identify areas of weakness in your service process and analyze how to improve productivity.
  • Set up preventive maintenance: Assist your clients before any damage occurs.

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