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Students and Graduates

Whether you are looking for an internship, a job alternation or a first job, if you are passionate about computer science, technology or services sales, then there is a high chance we have a job that suits you.

At Perfitcom, we love people who want and dare. We have 05 main jobs which are: technical consultant, technical &functional consultant, business consultant, commercial engineer, maintenance engineer.

He or she is a specialist in a language, application or technology in the following areas:

  • Development (PHP, Python, C ++, Java EE ...)
  • Cloud and infrastructures (AWS, Azure, Linux ...)

He / she develops specific solutions in the context of Information System integration projects (intranet, IoT, CRM or ERP tools, automation ...) in the various business sectors in which we operate:

  • Drafting of technical specifications and prototyping;
  • Conception and implementation of the solution;
  • Definition and execution of tests;
  • Deployment and integration of the solution.
The profile
  • Advanced training in computer science (software, networks, industrial);
  • Motivation, proactivity, creativity and willingness to build skills on ambitious projects;
  • English proficiency.

He / she is specialised in a business area (Finance, HR, Inventory Management, Supply Chain etc.) and skilled at a package solutions (Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP).


Favourite intermediary between the business consultant and the technical consultant, he / she ensures that the needs of the client are clearly expressed to the technical teams. He or she also comes in support during the phases of customization of the solution:

  • Conducting workshops with the client's business teams
  • Drafting of specifications and functional specifications;
  • Configuration and customization of the solution (CRM, ERP, Big Data, BI);
  • Implementation of the tests of the solution.
The profile
  • Functional knowledge of the solution (conducting customer workshops, framing, performing on-site tests, etc.);
  • Technical skills to be able to answer to problems of parameterization, requests, tests ...
  • Good listening skills and good communication;
  • English proficiency.

He or she is at the forefront in the design of the customer solution. He or she develops a structured picture of the current state of the business as well as a vision of its future state, comes up with the changes to be implemented and drive the change.


The business consultant intervenes before the design and the technical development phases, in the data collection and analysis of the business need phases:

  • Realization of the functional (workshop facilitation) and organizational diagnostic of the problem;
  • Benchmarkingand industry monitoring;
  • Drafting of associated business processes and rules;
  • Alignment of the whole organization with a vision of the change to be made;
  • Definition of the implementation sheet and identification of impacts;
  • Development of change management plans and customer training.

The profile

  • Functional skills related to the business (finance, logistics, commerce, HR, purchasing, ...) to be able to understand, translate and challenge the needs of the client;
  • Anaytical and synthetical mind ;
  • Longing for consulting and information systemsmanagement;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills as a client reference;
  • English proficiency.

He or she is a sales specialist. He or she is responsible for the business strategy and works closely with all the expertise within the company.


He or she is involved in all the phases of a project. He or she defines the priorities in terms of the development of offers per sector, controls the associated investments, the pre-sales costs and is in charge of the follow-up of the customer satisfaction during the delivery phase:

  • Development Strategy for sectoral offers;
  • Business Development and identification of sales opportunities;
  • Tenderswriting;
  • Delivery follow up.

The profile

  • Strong business skills (negotiation and knowledge of the sales cycle);
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and listening skills;
  • Anaytical and synthetical mind ;
  • Strong appetite for Information Systems issues and business issues (finance, logistics, production, ...) to understand, translate and challenge the needs of the customer;
  • English proficiency.