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The digitalisation of the supply chain brings new challenges to companies. This is demonstrated in several ways:

  • Enabling companies to speed their processes and adapt to the ever growing competition.
  • Improving decision making through the use of data.
  • Offering more services to industrialists but also to final consumers.

In order to achieve optimal results, the process of digitizing the supply chain must take into consideration many elements: physical flows, the resources available, customer data, suppliers, products, financial aspects, service providers or the internal teams in charge of the logistics, the supply etc. are all the elements to should be taken into account in the elaboration of an efficient computer ecosystem. In everyday life, this digital universe must allow:

  • To bring together supply and demand, including facilitating real-time communication with suppliers and subcontractors;
  • To manage the organization and the operational management;
  • Monitor performance indicators;
  • Implement operating procedures;
  • To ensure the ordering of the commands.

Perfitcom helps you to turn your Supply Chain into a competitive advantage, enrich the customer experience, gain operational efficiencies, and implement the latest innovations and technologies to improve your performance.

Our experts help you rethink your Supply Chain strategy with regards to the market requirements, your positioning and that of your competitors.

Find out how we can help you:

  • Diagnosis of the performance of your supply chain, distribution, or warehouse.
  • Optimization of operations management, improvement of service rates and responsiveness.
  • Preliminary study and implementation of automation system, mechanization.
  • Help with the choice of IT solutions followed by their management and implementation.

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